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Loch-Style Qualifiers 2015

Entries to the 2015 AT TEFF Loch-style Qualifiers are now open.

Below, you will find links to the relevant downloadable documents, or links, to enable you to enter on line (this is the preferred option to save on admin).

2015 sees many changes to the way the Qualifiers will operate. You are therefore urged to read thoroughly all the documentation.

If you have any queries, then you can email the Qualifier and National Co-ordinator, Ian Colclough – ian.colclough@gmail.com

National Final: Bewl Water – 19th & 20th October

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NB: Hanningfield 2-day Qualifier: Dates have now been changed to 15th May & 11th June. All anglers to confirm attendance/confirmation of participation with telephone call to Ben Bizzell on 07949295968, or Julian Weddell on 07711715613, at time of sending payment

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Good Luck and Tight Lines!

Ian Colclough


Loch-Style National Final 2014

Rutland Water, Friday-Saturday 19th-20th September

Top 4

1st John Horsey – 5 place points

2nd Rob Barden – 18 place points

3rd Martin Burgess – 25 place points

4th Mark Withyman – 27 place points

Clive Collier, AT TEFF chairman, presents Individual Champion trophy to John Horsey

Clive Collier, AT TEFF chairman, presents Individual Champion trophy to John Horsey

Autumn Loch-style Manager, Paul Angell reports: Over two days of exceptional fishing at Rutland Water, John Horsey emerged as the clear National Champion with a brilliant display of consistent angling, taking first place on Friday and fourth on Saturday, giving him a total of 5 place points, 13 ahead of second placed Rob Barden from Kent who finished with 18 place points, finishing eighth on Friday and tenth on Saturday.

John fished dries across Manton bay to take his eight fish limit by 1.35pm on Friday, and 3.08pm on Saturday. Overall the anglers found the fishing tougher on the second day, with 37 anglers reaching their 8 fish limit on the Friday, but only 10 managing it on the following day.

As well as John and Rob, the other anglers qualifying to fish for Team England in next year’s Spring and Autumn Internationals were: Martin Burgess, Mark Withyman, Gary Haskins, Mike Heritage, Tony Baldwin, Frank Sumnall, Pete Kempton, Richard Wood, Craig Smith, James Atkinson, Chris Bobby, Joel Beeney, Gary Morris, Carl Malpass, Brad Gifford, Paul Davison, Lee Bartlett, Kim Green, Lloyd Pallett, Steve Cullen, Ian Colclough, Mark Glass, John Hardy, Richard Slater, Paul Golding and Mark Stevens 

The AT TEFF squad for the 2015 Spring & Autumn Home Internationals

The AT TEFF squad for the 2015 Spring & Autumn Home Internationals

Loch-Style National Final 2013

Grafham Water, Saturday 14th September IMG_1603EN

Pre-match practice had identified two main areas – Sanctuary Bay and Gaynes Cove. On match day the wind swung round to more NW and with Sanctuary Bay not living up to expectations, many of the boats here moved to join those already in the Gaynes Cove-Dam area. Overcast conditions meant that fish were generally high in the water, and as the wind dropped in the afternoon nymphing tactics appeared to win out over the pulling that had taken earlier fish. There was a great range in the size of fish taken, with the top specimen a magnificent 7-13-12 brown to Phil Dixon, the second time he has taken the Loch-style Championship. The 28 qualifiers will be representing Team England in the 2014 Home Internationals at Lough Owel in Ireland, and Llyn Brenig in Wales.

TEFF Team Qualifiers 

2013 National Champion, Phil Dixon

2013 National Champion, Phil Dixon

1. Philip Dixon (Severn Trent) – 8 fish – 22-13 7/8

2. Philip Longstaff (Severn Trent) – 7 fish – 22-8

3. Tony Baldwin (Peninsula) 8 fish – 22-4 1/2

2nd: Phil Longstaff

2nd: Phil Longstaff

4. Tony Curtis (Anglia) 8 fish – 22-1 5/8

5. Clive Perkins (Southern) 7 fish – 21-15 5/8

6. Dave Currie (Severn Trent) 8 fish – 20-5 5/8

3rd: Tony Baldwin

3rd: Tony Baldwin

7. Ryan Feber (Northern) 7 fish – 20-3 7/8

8. Andre Gysler (Southern) 8 fish – 19-14 1/2

9. Lee Bartlett (East Anglia) 8 fish – 19-14

10. Leigh Pond (East Anglia) 8 fish – 19-11 IMG_1378EN

11. Mark Rose (Army) 7 fish – 19-7 1/2

12. Paul Bebb (Northern) 8 fish – 18-14 5/8

13. Gary Morris (East Anglia) 8 fish – 18-13 5/8

14. Joel Beeney (South East) 8 fish – 18-5 1/2 IMG_1235EN

15. Bill Rankin (Southern) 6 fish – 18-1

16. Simon Robinson (Northern) 8 fish – 17-15 1/8

17. John Pearn (Southern) 8 fish – 17-10 3/4

18. John Hood (Northern) 7 fish – 17-10 5/8

19. Vince Brooks (South East) 7 fish – 16-15 1/8

20. Mark Withyman (Southern) 7 fish – 16-7 1/8

21. Mike Laycock (Severn Trent) 7 fish – 15-7 1/2

22. Gary Owen (Severn Trent) 8 fish – 15-4 5/8

23. Tim Joyce (East Anglia) 7 fish – 15-3 3/4

24. John Humphry (Southern) 4 fish – 14-11 5/8

25. John Bowen (Southern) 6 fish – 14-1 7/8

26. James Atkinson (Northern) 6 fish – 14-1 1/2

27. Dave Johns (Southern) 5 fish – 13-8

28. Peter Elliott (Severn Trent) 6 fish – 13-1 3/4

Full Results: 2013 Loch-style National

National Qualifier Information

Invitations have been sent out to all qualifiers to the Team England FF 2013 Loch-style National. Cheques for £60 (covering costs of boats, fishing, food and administration for the day) must be sent to organiser John Mees no later than Monday 5th August.

Commemorative Greys shirts are also available at £30 for qualifiers and officials from John Ball. All boats have been reserved for the official practice days on the 12th and 13th of September. There will be enough places for everyone who books before Friday 30th August (after this date spare boats may be allocated to other anglers). Also, on each practice day, if any booked boats are not manned by 10.00am, they may be re-allocated by Grafham lodge staff to other anglers.

To book a practice boat or to ask for information on local accommodation, telephone 01480 810531. Note: Both you and your boat partner must have qualified for the 2013 National. If you do not already have a boat partner who has qualified, then you will be allocated a place in a boat with another qualifier by fishery staff on the morning of that particular day’s practice.

2013 Loch-style Allocation

Loch-Style National Final 2012

Venue : Bewl Water

Date : 21st September 2012

The top 28 qualifiers are:

1. Steve Cullen             8 fish    17lbs 61/2ozs 
2. Tony Fox                  8 fish    16lbs 9ozs
3. Harry Fox                7 fish    14lbs 31/2ozs
4. John Tyzack             6 fish    12lbs 81/2ozs
5. John Hardy              6 fish    12lbs 2ozs
6. Paul Canning           5 fish    11lbs 12ozs
7. Tom Bird                  6 fish    11lbs 81/2ozs
8. Martin Griffiths      6 fish    11lbs 8ozs
9. John Ball                  6 fish    11lbs 71/2ozs
10. Gary Hedges          5 fish    10lbs 1ozs
11. Martin Burgess      4 fish    9lbs 15ozs 
12. Andrew Croucher  5 fish    9lbs 9ozs
13. Howard Croston    5 fish    9lbs 7ozs
14. Mark MacLeod      5 fish    9lbs 41/2ozs
15. Paul Davison          4 fish    8lbs 9ozs
16. Paul Lee                  4 fish    8lbs 8ozs
17. John Hood              5 fish    8bs 51/2ozs
18. Richard Slater       3 fish    8lbs 51/2ozs
19. Paul Kitchen          5 fish    8lbs 3ozs
20. Thomas Davis       4 fish    8lbs 21/2ozs
21. Steve Smalley        5 fish    8lbs 1ozs
22. Roger Truscott     4 fish    7lbs 14ozs
23. Simon Kidd           4 fish    7lbs 7ozs
24. Denis Symonds     3 fish    7lbs 5ozs 
25. Paul Angel             3 fish    7lbs 4ozs
26. Glen Appleby        4 fish    7lbs 2ozs
27. John Horsey          3 fish    7lbs 01/2ozs
28. Rob Barden           3 fish    6lbs 15ozs

(Results & images courtesy of Cliff Waters, Fishypics)

Full results: England National 2012(3)

These will represent Team England FF at the Home Loch-style Internationals for 2013, which will be the Spring International at Bewl Water, and the Autumn International at the Lake of Menteith in Scotland. 

Martin Introna, Team England FF Boat Manager, adds, “Many congratulations to everyone who qualified for next year’s teams. It was a very difficult and frustrating day for many anglers who just couldn’t get that single take/fish that may have seen them in the top 28 places. Bewl is a wonderful water but can be rather ‘moody’…If I can for the moment single out one particular angler, Steve Cullen, this man is on fire claiming the top English bag at the recent Autumn International held at Llyn Brenig and now National Champion. To all the other qualifiers, I look forward to working with you next year, we have a very strong squad.”

Loch-Style National Final 2011

Venue : Grafham Water

Date : 3rd September 2011

Visit Grafham Water website

Even though Grafham’s fishing had been ‘challenging’ in recent weeks, pre-match practice had thrown up good bags for some, and also suggested that fish were well spread out. Sure enough, at the gun 14 boats headed for the North shore, 25 to G Buoy and the rest to an area stretching from The Seat, to Gaynes Cove and the South end of the Dam.

Ideal conditions prevailed for much of the morning, with a good overcast sky and moderate winds. With fish high in the water, lines varied from floaters to DI3s, with some pulling on DI5s and DI7s.

First to finish was Kim Green, RAF federation, who took his 8 fish by 12.14pm drifting onto Deep Water Point. Having seen the numbers heading for G Buoy, he chose to pick a drift where they would be the only boat. Landing 7 in the first hour on floating line and nymphs, he found sport slowed noticeably as other boats joined in the drift and it took him an hour and a quarter to get that last fish. Even so, he still finished almost 90 minutes ahead of anyone else, and took the National Champion title with 23lbs 11 5/8ozs.

Second place went to Ron Gent who landed a 20lbs+ bag of fish just after 3.00pm, with third place going to David Drake with another spectacular 21-7-6 bag at 4.40pm. In a match that saw many four pound specimens, the best fish was caught by Denis Symonds, Peninsula federation, at 5-2-14.

The top 28, who will form the two England Teams to fish the Home Internationals at Lough Sheelin and Llyn Brenig in 2012, are: Kim Green, Ron Gent, David Drake, Paul Shaw, Fred Bainbridge, Alistair Beaumont, Andy Croucher, Richard Slater,  Brad Gifford, Steve Cullen, Rob Sosbe, Ian Donaldson, Dave Morris, Nick Dunn, Lloyd Pallett, Mark Howard, Colin Martin, Bill Rankin, Martin Greatbatch, Paul Angell, Mark MacLeod, John Stevenson, Steve Collins, Chris Micallef, Peter Appleby, Steve Ellerbeck, Mark Withyman and Sean Brooks.

Full results Loch-style National 2011

(Images courtesy of Cliff Waters Fishypics)