35th FIPS-Mouche World Championships, Bosnia & Herzegovina, 15th – 21st June 2015


The 35th FIPS-Mouche World Fly Fishing Championships is being held from 15th – 21st June at the city of Jajce in Bosnia & Herzegovina.

Tuesday 16th: Teams arrive at official hotel

Wednesday 17th: Official Practice Sessions 1, 2 & 3

Thursday 18th: Competitions Sessions 1 & 2

Friday 19th: Competition Session 3

Saturday 20th: Competition Sessions 4 & 5

Sunday 21st: Awards Ceremony & Closing Banquet

Competition Sectors: 1. Pliva River – Sipovo 2. Sana River – Ribnik 3. Sanica River – Kljuc 4. Pliva Lakes – Jajce 5. Vrbas River – Donju Vakuf

Championship Bulletin No1: Bilten Svjetsko prvenstvo eng..

Introductory Video


You will find more information at the official website and their Facebook page.

Team England FF is represented by: Phil Dixon, John Tyzack, Andrew Scott, Simon Robinson, Scott Nellins, Andy Croucher (reserve), and Paul Page (captain/manager).

Team CVs: 2015 team CV’s



34th FIPS-Mouche World Championships, Czech Republic 25th May-2nd June 2014

WFFCH 2014 CZ logoThe 34th FIPS-Mouche World Fly Fishing Championships will be held from 25th May-2nd June, at Frymburk in the Czech Republic.

You will find more information at the official website and their Facebook page

The competition will be fished on three river sectors, one boat sector, and one bank sector. The sectors will be: Sector 1 – Vltava 29 P (river); Sector 2 – Vltava 29, Lake Lipno (boat); Sector 3 – Vltava 28 (river); Sector 4 – Malse 6, lake Kvetonov (bank); Sector 5 – Vltava 27 (river). Practice waters include Vltava 28, 27, 25, 26, Malse & Cerna. 10300698_239836659539328_1221179945443895875_n

Tues 27th May: Arrival of teams at Official Hotel, Captain’s Meeting, Opening Ceremony – Wed 28th May: Official Practice (two sessions) – Thurs 29th May: Official Practice (two sessions) – Fri 30th May: First & Second Sessions – Sat 31st May: Third & Fourth Sessions – Sun 1st June: Fifth Session, Prize Giving & Closing Ceremony, Closing Banquet

Team England FF is represented by: John Horsey, Phil Dixon, Howard Croston, John Tyzack, Andrew Scott, Mike Dixon (reserve) & Paul Page (captain/manager) 1958325_246473482208979_7592899978769130051_n

Team CVs: 2014 team CV’s

Opening Ceremony

Official Practice – Day One

Official Practice – Day Two

Competition – Day One

Session One: Andrew Scott was 7th, Phil Dixon was 4th, and John Horsey 6th on the river sections, with John Tyzack 7th on the lake (boat), and Howard Croston 20th on the lake (bank). England are currently 5th, behind the Czech Republic 1st, Belgium 2nd, USA 3rd, and Finland 4th. Team positions after 1st session: session-1-teams

Session Two: Phil Dixon won his session on the lake (bank), while Andrew Scott also did well on the lake (boat) finishing 3rd. On the river sections Howard Croston was 6th, John Tyzack was 7th, while John Horsey was 16th. England have moved up into 3rd place on 75 pts, behind the Czech Republic 1st (49 pts) and France 2nd (70 pts): TEAMS-AFTER-SESSION-2. Jean Guillaume Mathieu (France) is currently top Individual, with two first places, with Phil Dixon lying 5th, and Andrew Scott 14th: INDIV-AFTER-2-SESSIONS1

Competition – Day Two

Session Three: England was the top team in Session Three. On the river sections Andrew Scott came 2nd, Howard Croston 5th and Phil Dixon 7th. On the lake (boat) John Horsey came 3rd, with John Tyzack 7th on the lake (bank). England had moved up to 2nd place (99 pts), 20 points behind the Czech Republic 1st (79 pts), and ahead of France in 3rd (102 pts): TEAMS-AFTER-SESSION-3. Lubos Roza (Czech) was currently top Individual on 7 pts, with Phil Dixon 5th and Andrew Scott 6th (both 12 pts): INDIV-AFTER-SESSION-3.

Session Four: On the rivers sections John Tyzack was 1st, Phil Dixon was 6th, and John Horsey 9th, with Howard Croston 15th on the lake (boat), and Andrew Scott 4th on the lake (bank). England were now 3rd with 134 pts behind France 2nd (125 pts) and the Czech Republic 1st (109 pts): TEAMS-AFTER-SESSION-4. In the Individual rankings, Lubos Roza (Czech) hung onto his 1st place with 12 pts, with Andrew Scott 4th (16 pts) and Phil Dixon 5th (18 pts): INDIV-AFTER-SESSION-4.

Competition – Day Three

Session Five: Andrew Scott was 6th, John Tyzack 15th, and Howard Croston 17th on the river sections. John Horsey was 5th on the lake (bank), with Phil Dixon 9th on the lake (boat). England finished in 3rd place with 184 pts, behind France 2nd with 166 pts, and the Czech Republic World Champions with 149 pats: TEAMS-AFTER-SESSION-51. Lubos Roza (Czech) is the new Individual World Champion with 14 pts. ahead of Piotr Armatys (Poland) 2nd with 22 pts, and Andrew Scott (England) 3rd, also with 22 pts: INDIV-AFTER-SESSION-51. Well done AT Team England FF and Andrew Scott!!


Medal Ceremony

John Horsey is also covering this event on his Facebook page


33rd FIPS-Mouche World Championships, Norway 11th-18th August 2013

The 33rd FIPS-Mouche World Fly Fishing Championships was held from 11th-18th August, in the Vefsna region of Norway. 998991_382368311874525_1215335311_n

There was more information on the championship website and also on their Facebook page and YouTube channel

New this year was Live Center, delivering live statistics on how competitors are doing, during the sessions! You could see whether our boys could save a blank with half an hour to go!  You could also follow John Horsey on Facebook.

Results after 1st session: England had three good results, with Scott Nellins winning his river sector, John Horsey coming 4th= on the lake (bank) sector and Simon Robinson 7th on one of the river sectors, along with a 15th place and a blank, and ended 6th. France were 1st, (on 14pts – a 1st, two 2nds, a 3rd, and a 6th), ahead of Poland on 29pts, and the Czechs on 37pts. 

Results after 2nd session: England dropped to 9th place, with Scott Nellins 6th on a river sector and John Horsey 8th on the lake (boat). The Czechs overtook the French with 73pts to their 76pts, ahead of Italy on 111pts. Individually, Andrea Adreveno (Italy) and Tomas Adam (Czech) were joint leaders, winning both their morning and afternoon sessions. Scott Nellins was 8th and John Horsey 12th.

Below: Highlights from the first day

Results after 3rd session: England recovered to 6th place and 229pts, thanks to Phil Dixon and Simon Robinson coming 3rd and 9th on two of the rivers sectors. The Czechs had just a two point lead over the French, 134pts to 136pts, with Italy third on 150pts. Three people were sharing Individual 1st place – Andrea Adreveno (Italy), Valerio Santi Amantini (Italy) and Martin Droz (Czech), on 8pts each.

Below: Highlights from day two

Results after 4th session: England moved up to equal 5th place with the USA on 297pts, after a win for Scott Nellins on the lake sector (boat), plus a 3rd for John Horsey and a 14th place for Phil Dixon on two of the river sectors. The Czechs were lying 1st with 172pts, ahead of Italy (208pts) and France (237pts). Valerio Santi Amantini (Italy) was the top Individual on 13pts but would be facing the tough sector 3 on the rivers in his last session. With many of these sessions about saving a blank, these positions were likely to change by the end of the day.

Below: Friday highlights

Final Results: 1st Czech Republic 231pts 2nd Italy 283pts 3rd France 295pts 4th Finland 362pts 5th USA 366pts 6th Norway 376pts 7th Poland 383pts 8th England 393pts 9th Australia 399pts 10th Luxembourg 405pts

Individuals: 1st Valerio Santi Amantini (Italy) 14pts 2nd Martin Droz (Czech) 19pts 3rd Julien Lorquet (Belgium) 26pts 4th Antonin Pesek (Czech) 37pts 5th Sebastian Delcor (France) 39pts 6th Bertrand Jacquemin (France) 40pts 17th John Horsey (England) 55pts 21st Scott Nellins (England) 58pts

Below: Saturday highlights

27 teams formally registered (24 as teams + 3 as individuals), including first-timers Chile and Mongolia. A full list of registered teams is here 64497_406086179502738_1866229632_n

Sectors that were used for the competition include the Austervefsna (river), the Fiplingdalselva (river), Nedre Svenningvatn (lake), Storvatnet (lake) and the Vefsna (lake). You will find an illustrated guide to the sectors here 1185108_406086666169356_444693364_n

Programme: Sunday 11th – Parade, Opening Ceremony, Captains’ Meeting & Draw; Monday 12th – Training Sessions 1 & 2; Tuesday 13th – Training Sessions 3 & 4; Wednesday 14th – 1st & 2nd Competition Sessions; Thursday 15th – 3rd Competition Session; Friday 16th – 4th & 5th Competition Sessions; Saturday 17th – Seminar & Prize Ceremony

The whole event was given TV coverage on TV2 Norway, TV4 Sweden, Yle TV Finland, Sportska Televizia Croatia and Fox TV Australia through media company IEC in Sports, who delivered daily highlights, plus an event summary. Live results were updated from the competition days, along with videos, interviews of national teams, and other highlights and information directly from the World Championships in Mosjøen. Vive! Deportes, Chile, plus The Sports Channel, Israel, were the confirmed broadcasters of the daily highlights between Wednesday 14th and Saturday 17th August.

The Team England FF team was: Ian Greenwood (manager/captain), John Horsey, Simon Robinson, Phil Dixon, Howard Croston, Scott Nellins & Tony Baldwin (reserve).

32nd FIPS-Mouche World Championships, Slovenia 3rd-10th June 2012

Paul Page (captain/manager), John Horsey, Phil Dixon, Simon Robinson, Howard Croston, John Tyzack and Scott Nellins (reserve) are representing Team England FF in the 2012 World Championships 2012 World team profiles

You will find more information at the official site as well as their Facebook page. The competition will be fished over four river sessions, on the Sava Bohinjka, Sava and Kokra rivers, and one lake session, on the lake by Most na Soči. 30 teams are currently registered to take part.

(See FIPS-Mouche Rules Competitionrules 2011 English_v2 and Rule Modifications RM SLOVENIA 2012 – final eng-1.)

Official practise is on the Monday and Tuesday 4th-5th, with the competition taking place from Wednesday-Friday 6th-8th June.

There is also more information in the Championship BulletinSector Maps and a Guide to Fly Fishing in Slovenia

Fly Fishing in Slovenia

England made a good start in the first session, finishing 4th behind Spain in 1st place, Finland 2nd, and Slovakia 3rd. Scotland were 8th and Ireland 23rd. Teams 1session Howard Croston was 3rd individual, with John Horsey 5th, both winning their respective sessions, Howard on the lower Sava Bohinjka river, John on the Lake at Most na Soči. Dick Logan of Scotland also won his session on the upper Sava Bohinjka river and was placed 2nd overall. Individuals 1st session

The Czech Republic won the second session session2 teams and now lead the competition with Bosnia & Herzegovina 2nd and Italy 3rd. England are now 8th, with Scotland 9th and Ireland 23rd. session1&2 teams Howard Croston followed his win in the first session with a 2nd place session2 indiv and is now in 1st place overall session1&2 indiv with Phil Dixon 23rd and John Horsey 25th. Dick Logan (Scotland) is 8th, Jake Harvey (Scotland) 11th and Michael Twohig (Ireland) 43rd.

Belgium won the third session teams session3 ahead of the Czech Republic who increased their overall lead, with Spain in 2nd place, and France 3rd. England are currently 11th, with Scotland 10th and Ireland 24th. teams after session3 Individually, the most outstanding feat was from Bertrand Jacquemin (France) who scored 76 fish on the Lower Sava Bohinjka river, where Phil Dixon had 23 to come 6th. session3 indiv Howard Croston had a good session on the lake scoring 4 fish to come 4th, and retains his overall individual lead, ahead of 2011 World Champion Valerio Santi Amantini (Italy) and David Arcay Fernandez (Spain). Phil Dixon is 15th and Dick Logan (Scotland) is 9th. indiv after session3

France won the fourth session session4 teams taking them to 2nd in front of Italy 3rd and behind the Czech Republic at 1st. England moved up to 8th, ahead of Scotland at 11th with Ireland 23rd teams after 4 sessions Individually, John Tyzack won his session on the Kokra session4 indiv Howard Croston came 9th on the Sava, dropping to 6th overall. The first three were 1st David Arcay Fernandez (Spain), 2nd Valerio Santi Amantini (Italy) and 3rd Tomas Adam (Czech Republic). Jake Harvey (Scotland) was 24th indiv after 4 sessions

In the fifth and final session France slipped back teams in session5, finishing 4th, with the final top three placings being 1st Czech Republic 2nd Italy and 3rd Spain. England finished 7th, Scotland 13th and Ireland 25th teams after session5 Despite a section win by Amantini indiv in session5, David Arcay Fernandez (Spain) hung onto his first place to become World Champion, with 2011 World Champion and 2012 European silver medallist Valerio Santi Amantini (Italy) 2nd, Tomas Adam (Czech Republic) 3rd and Howard Croston 4th. indiv after sesion5 Well done Howard!

2011 World Championship – ITALY TAKE THE GOLD

Italy 28 August – 4 September

Captain/Manager  Ian Greenwood

Simon Robinson

John Horsey

Iain Barr

Mike Tinnion

Phil Dixon

Howard Croston (reserve)

For detailed information click here

Official website here

England made a good start in the first session, lying 2nd behind the Czech Republic, ahead of Poland in 3rd place and France in 4th. Individually, Phil Dixon was placed 12th, John Horsey 23rd, Mike Tinnion 30th, Iain Barr 34th, and Simon Robinson 51st.

The USA won the second session (Tuesday afternoon), moving up to 4th place. England dropped to 5th, along with the French who slipped to 7th. After session two the top three teams were: 1. Czech Republic 2. Poland 3. Slovakia. Individually, John Horsey improved his position to 13th place, with Simon Robinson 32nd, Iain Barr 35th, Mike Tinnion 54th and Phil Dixon 58th.

In the third session England slipped to 7th place, level on place points with the USA in 6th and one ahead of the French. The top three places were: 1. Czech Republic 2. Slovakia 3. Poland. Individually, Spanish angler Pablo Castro was in first place, ahead of Norman Maktima, USA, 2nd and Piotr Konieczny, Poland, in 3rd, with Iain Barr 17th, John Horsey 30th, Phil Dixon 34th, Mike Tinnion 54th and Simon Robinson 57th.

Early reports from the fourth session said that the Czechs hung onto their 1st place, while Italy jumped three places into 2nd, with Poland remaining 3rd. England appeared to have dropped out of the top ten.

The final results confirmed that Italy had taken Gold (after lying in 13th place after the first session!), ahead of the Czech Republic with the Silver and Poland the Bronze. 4th Spain and 5th USA (their best ever placing), 6th Slovakia, 7th France, 8th Belgium, Scotland in 9th with England in 10th place. Ireland 15th and Wales 17th.

Lance Egan of Team USA has an excellent report on their experiences here

Individually, Valerio Santi Amanti, Italy, was World Champion. Tom Drinan of Ireland finished 5th, with Simon Cocker, Scotland, 7th. Phil Dixon was 21st, John Horsey 34th, Iain Barr 50th, Mike Tinnion 59th and Simon Robinson 90th.

1st session results mosca_300811

Results after 2nd session mosca_seniores_2g

Results after 3rd session mosca_seniores_3g

Final results mosca_seniores_finale

Images from Opening Ceremony here together with video

Video covering the lake sector and the Presentation Ceremony.