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2014 Midlands Loch-style Qualifiers

The dates & venues for the Federation of Midlands Fly Fishers (Anglia) 2014 Loch-style Qualifiers were:

Fished over two days, points total from both days determines qualifiers.

(1) 1st June – Rutland Water Results – 1. Chris Bobby 2. Paul Wild 3. Julian Hubbard 4. Geoff Makin 5. Mark McLeod 6. Mark Haycock 7. Ron Gent 8. Tony Fox – Full Results: FMFFA Qualifier Result – Round 1 Rutland 2014

(2) 29th June – Grafham Water Results – 1. Tom Davies 2. Chris Bobby 3. Ron Gent 4. Mark McLeod 5. Andrew Smith 6. Paul Wild 7. Norman Rushton 8. Frank Sumnall 9. Lianne Frost 10. Peter Hartley

Combined Results: 1. Chris Bobby 2. Paul Wild 3. Mark McLeod 4. Ron Gent 5. Andrew Smith 6. Tom Davies 7. Peter Hartley 8. Ed Smith 9. Geoff Makin 10. Norman Rushton – Full Results: FMFF(A) – 2014 Eliminator Result

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2013 Midlands Loch-style Qualifiers

The Federation of Midlands Fly Fishers (Anglia) 2013 Loch-style Qualifiers were held at:

Rutland Water – Sunday 16th June – 33 fished: 1st Ashley Davis 2nd Steve Ellerbeck 3rd Geoff Makin 4th Frank Sumnall 5th Tony Curtis 6th Graham Willis 7th Chris Bobby 8th Harley Smith 9th Graham Pearson 10th Chris MacLeod – Full Results FMFFA Round 1 Qualifier 2013 – Rutland

Grafham Water – Sunday 30th June – 33 fished: 1st Chris MacLeod 2nd Ashley Davis 3rd Tony Curtis 4th David Moore 5th Steve Cullen 6th Gareth Tilley 7th Charlie Abrahams 8th Graham Pearson 9th Chris Bobby 10th Mark Haycock

Overall Qualifiers: 1st Ashley Davis (3pts) 2nd Tony Curtis (8pts) 3rd Chris MacLeod (11pts) 4th Chris Bobby (16pts) 5th Steve Cullen (17pts) 6th Graham Pearson (17pts) 7th Harley Smith (22pts) 8th Graham Willis (22pts) 9th Steve Ellerbeck (22pts) 10th Charlie Abrahams (23pts) – Full Results FMFFA Round 2 Qualifier 2013 – Grafham

(NB: Fished over two days, points total from both days determines qualifiers)

2012 Midlands Rivers Championship – Match Report

This event was held on the waters of the newly merged Llangollen Maelor Club on 28th & 29th January. Thanks are due to the club for their invaluable assistance.

On Saturday morning the Dee was up and coloured, but it fell and cleared nicely in dry frosty conditions. All of the competitors caught fish over the 2 days, and a total of 188 grayling were caught and returned.

Largest grayling was caught by Alan Carloss of Nantwich, a belting fish of 45cm. The winner was organiser Martin Dixon, and the likely qualifiers for the National Final on the Dart were;

Phil  Dixon                  20 fish             7 place points

Mike Dixon                 25 fish             9 place points

Graham Kennerley      12 fish             12 place points

Graham Willis             13 fish             14 place points

Glen Wright                10 fish             16 place points

Chris Ragin                 6 fish              20 place points

Ton Waslander       9 fish               21 place points Reserve

2012 Midlands Loch-style Qualifiers

The Federation of Midlands Fly Fishers (Anglia) 2012 Loch-style Qualifiers will be held at:

Rutland Water – Sunday 27th May

Grafham Water – Sunday 17th June

The entry fee has been reduced to £40, which includes entry, entry fee administration, boat fees for both preliminary matches, and match insurance. Full details and pdf entry forms available on-line at:  Midlands Federation Website